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Mystery Of MyMaltese may use the User’s Data for the below purposes if so deemed necessary for legitimate interests.
 Who Mystery Of MyMaltese shares Data With
Mystery Of MyMaltese takes the privacy of the User’s information very seriously. This applies to the use of any and all Data collected by Mystery Of MyMaltese or provided by the User in relation to the User using this Website.

These regulation apply only to the actions of Mystery Of MyMaltese and the Users with respect to this Website and does not extend to any websites that can be accessed from this Website including, but not limited to any links that may be provided to any social media websites.

For the purposes of the applicable Data Protection Laws, Mystery Of MyMaltese is the ‘’Data Controller’’. This means that Mystery Of MyMaltese determines the purposes for which, and the manner in which the User’s data is processed.

Collected Data
Mystery Of MyMaltese may collect the following Data from the User:

i) name;
ii) date of birth;
iii) contact information such as email address and telephone numbers;
iv) demographic information such as address and postal code.
How Mystery Of MyMaltese collects Data
i) Data is provided by the User
Mystery Of MyMaltese will collect the User’s Data in the following manner:
When a User contacts us through this Website, by telephone, email, post or through any other means.
Data that is collected Automatically
Mystery Of MyMaltese does not collect data automatically.
Data may be used by Mystery Of MyMaltese for the following reasons:
In order to reply to emails, text messages, post, telephone calls, etc.
Who Mystery Of MyMaltese shares Data with
Mystery Of MyMaltese may share the User’s Data with Professional advisors, their employees, agents,– for communication and correspondence purposes.
Safeguarding Data
User Data is stores on secure servers.
Data Retention
Unless a longer retention period is required by law, Mystery Of MyMaltese will only hold the User’s Data on its systems for the period necessary to fulfil the purposes outlined above, or until the User requests that the Data is deleted.

*Please note, that following deletion of User Data, this information may persist on back up or archival media.

User’s Rights
In relation to the GDPR regulations, the following rights apply to the User:

i) the right to request copies of the information that is held at any time;
ii) the right to request that Mystery Of MyMaltese modifies, updates or deletes information. (If Mystery Of MyMaltese provides the User with access to the information it holds, it will do so without charge, unless such a request it manifestly unfounded or excessive. Furthermore, Mystery Of MyMaltese may refuse such a request where it is legally permissible and the User will be notified of such a refusal);
iii) the right to have Data rectified if it is inaccurate or incomplete;
iv) the right to request deletion of Data from the Website and systems;
vi) the right to restrict and block Mystery Of MyMaltese from using such Data or limit the use thereof;
v) the right to request that Data is moved, copied or transferred;
vii) the right to object to the use of such Data including where it is used for Mystery Of MyMaltese legitimate interests.

To withdraw consent to the processing of Data (where consent is required) please contact Mystery Of MyMaltese via email on

(Please advise Mystery Of MyMaltese of any change in Data for the period that it is held by Mystery Of MyMaltese)
Links to other websites
This website may provide links to other websites. Mystery Of MyMaltese has no control over such websites and is not responsible for the content of such websites. These GDPR regulation do not extent to the User’s use of such websites.
This Website does not use cookies.
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