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How to discover if you're a Maltese addict:
 SWWhen you have more toys, beds and dog clothing than they have in a pet store.
    SWWhen you remember other people's Maltese names but don't remember theirs.
 SWWhen your parents come over to dog-sit instead of comming to baby-sit.
  SWWhen you have more photographs and albums of your Maltese than of your entire family.
  SWWhen you pull out ribbons and wraps from your pockets instead of your business
  SWWhen you'd much rather give your Maltese a bath than cook the Sunday meal.
  SWWhen you stop visiting friends in order to spend more time with your Maltese.
  SWWhen you prefer your Maltese sleeping next to you rather than your partner.
  SWWhen your bathroom cupboards are filled with expensive grooming products but you
buy the cheapest brand on the market for yourself.
  SWWhen you hide your Maltese under your coat during a winter walk.
  SWWhen you discover that you spend most of your time surfing the web for Maltese related sites instead of doing something more constructive.

Purchasing a new puppy and bringing it home is always exiting and should be a happy occasion for both the new owner and the pup. Care should be taken not to stress the puppy too much. On the other, over pampering could also have a negative effect. As mentioned previously, gathering lots of information about the breed prior to bringing it home is very useful. Some resources on the internet may be outdated therefore, it is worth checking when the site was last updated.

Care should always be taken when deciding on a new puppy. Quality and good health should take precedence over a low price. It is not advisable to purchase a puppy from a breeder who offers to deliver the puppy to a destination of your choice prior to having seen the puppy beforehand.Chances are
a) puppy will not live long, b) it is not a purebred, c) breeding conditions by the breeder
are atrocious.

Puppies should not be take from their mother earlier than between 8 and 12 weeks of age. During the last few weeks, the young ones learn a lot from their mothers as well as from other dogs and animals. They learn to socialize with people and as a result, they can go to their new owners un-timid, well socialized and are seldom home-sick the first few nights in their new environment. This extra time is important for the breeder too, as he/she can watch the puppies as they grow and develop in terms of health, quality and
character. They are then able to communicate this information to the new owner.

Puppies are like small children and it is necessary to puppy-proof its new home to avoid unnecessary incidents taking place. It is advisable not to leave the puppy alone at home for first few days. Being
separated from it's mother is already a traumatic experience

The breeder will happily supply information about feeding and vet care. The rest - house-breaking. Training of the puppy is up to the new owner.

Good nutrition is essential at any age to keep Maltese in the best of health. Maltese should visit a grooming parlour about every three months, depending on how fast their coat grows. Finding the right groomer can be difficult. The best groomers are usually Maltese breeders themselves. It is advisable to select a
groomer who does not accept more than two dogs from one owner at a time.

Puppies enjoy chewing on anything and everything they come across. Out of my own experience, I would warn against letting them chew on sticks or wood of any kind. Splinters can get stuck in their pallet and throat and because the symptoms are uncommon, it could be too late by the time, if ever, the actual cause is determined.
1.  Research the breed.
2.  Spend time gathering information from clubs
3.  Research from books
4.  Speak to dog trainers
5.  Consult with a veterinarian
6.  Visit dog shows and speak with breeders
7.  Talk to dog owners
8. Ask for references
9.  Be patient and take your time

What one should be aware of
1.  Try not to buy dogs from pet stores.
2.  Do not buy from puppy factories and re-sellers.
3.  Do not buy from anyone who offers to deliver the puppy.
4.  Be cautious when buying through the internet and having a dog shipped out.
5.  Be carefull of breeders who don't want to show the parents or the puppy's environment.
6.  One should always look at more dogs and not buy the first puppy that one sees.
7.  Listen to you head, not your heart.
8.  Never buy the cheapest.
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