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06.05.2018       LINK TO PHOTOS

Today was a big day for Camelia.  It was her first show in the Junior class  at an internationAL show, and I was a bit anxious about the impression she should make on the judge.  It turned out that she truly impressed judge Biro Zsolt because Camelia walked out of the ring with Excl.1, CAJC and a BOJ.  The judge also gave Camelia an excellent evaluation.  I am very proud of my baby.
24.06.2018       LINK TO PHOTOS

A little bit of a hectic morning with not much time to prepare Camelia for the ring in Brno however, judge Zuzana Verstocsek  gave her a nice evaluation, Excl.1, CAJC and a BOJ.  A lovely outcome after all.
16.09.2018      LINK TO PHOTOS

A very long day with  altogether seven hours of travel to Valasske Mezirici.  My baby received Excl.1, CAJC and BOJ, including a really nice evaluation.  Camelia made me truly happy.
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I entered Camelia into the dog show in Ceske Budejovice just for the experience.   There were  qualifications for CRUFS this time.     Not that I would ever travel with my dog to the UK due to the bureauracy one has to attend to.  One can not help but notice little ''incidents'' that occured that raise the eyebrow. Our original judge was replaced by Beradze Iuzou, who awarded Camelia Exc.1, but gave her a very bad evaluation stating thats she walks badly and has bad movement, and included that her coat is not  "finished" (Camelia is still a junior, her coat cannot the same as the coat of older dogs).   Strange comments for a dog that has qualified for a Czech Junior Champion.
  27.08.2018       LINK TO PHOTOS

We attented the international show in Mlada Boleslav yesterday.  I was always very sceptical about Mlada Boleslav, but I entered Camelia anyway.  Due to my previous experience at the Mlada Boleslav show, I am not happy with the happenings there.  Camelia received an excellent evaluation from judge Gabriela RIdarcikova, but she only gave her a Excl.2 in the end.  Somehow it just does not make sense, and I feel that this was my very last time in Mlada Boleslav.
10.11.2018       LINK TO PHOTOS

A wonderful show at Knezeves.  It was in a convenient location for me and there was a very nice atmosphere. 
Judge Zuzana Verstocsek awarded Camelia with Exc.1 and a CAC.  Excellent for her first round in the intermedialte class.
02.12.2018       LINK TO PHOTOS

A very long day and also for Camelia because in Prague Maltese are always judged last and there are usually many breeds assigned to one judge.  Iveta Vojtekova, our judge, awarded Camelia Excl.1 without a title.  She was of the opion that Camelia walked beautifuly, but her coat was not long enough and her beard was too short.  Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but my understading is, that the intermediate class is for dogs that are not yer ''finished'' as they say.  Nevertheless it was a good experience and a chance to get to know yet another judge. This year Camelia obtained her Czech Junior Champion which is wonderful.  And on that note we end 2018 and will be looking forward to more shows in the commig year.
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