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I entered Calemia in the Champion of Champions National show in Bratislava Slovakia which will be held in February this year.  I am not setting my hopes high as it will be a very tough contest.  The judge will be of Slovakian nationality and might not take kindy to foreigners,  but it will be another new experience. 

We had an unexpected victory in Bratislava.  Judge Viera Vitkova awarded carmen with Excl.1, CAC and Victory Show Winner.   I am very proud of my Camelia.

The club show in Valasske mezirici was amazing.  Camelia became Junior Club Champion and received a wonderful evaluation from judge Petr Rehanek. She was awarded C2 and ResCAC.  We look forward to the next club show in the fall.

Yesterday it was a pretty miserable sleety and cold day at Ceske Budejovice. It was extremey cold in the halls where the show was held, but it was all worth it. Camelia was awardes Excl.1 and CAC and received a very nice evaluation from judge Robert Kubes.

Nice, warm, sunny weather for the show in Prague today. Very nice show. Everything seemed to run smoothely as it was well organized. Camelia´s judge was Szilvia Grof and gave her Exc.1, CAC and Res. CACIB. Besides the fact that Camelia´s coat is not perfect, the evaluational is excellent.
01.06.2019 Morning Show

Very hot, sunny day. Great morning show. Wonderfull results for Camelia by judge Kornelia Butrimova in the form of Excl. 1, CAC, CACIB, and BOB. Despite the fact that Camelia had a thorn in her paw and could not walk at first, the judge was kind enough to allow us to remedy the problem and try again.  Once the thorn was out. Camelia came through with flying colours and even received an ovation from the staff membes.

A lovely day for an outdoor show today. Beautiful venue which is not too far away. I feel the show could hace been a little bit better organiyed, but everything worked out in the end. Our judge Karel Horacek awarded Camelia with Excl.1, Class winner and Regional Show Winner. My clever girl received everything that she possibly could.
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Super evening show at Cyprus today with many international entries. I'm very happy as Camelia's results were Excl. 1, CAC and BOB. Our judge was Vasilis Aspromatis.
01.06.2019 Evening Show

A very exhausting day with two shows occuring. One in the morning and one in the evening. Everyone including the dogs were pretty tired and glad when it was over. I am absolutely satisfied with Camelia's performance. Her results this evening were Excl.1, CAC, BOB, Amathus Champion and Champion of Cyprus. Good Girl! Our judge was Sonia Kelveri.


Absolutely fabulous finish from my baby. This was beyond all my expectations and I must say I am ecstatic with Camelia's performance at all four shows. Here results are Excl.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Aphrodite Show Winner and CRUFS Qualifier and she was judged by Boris Chapiro. She is just so marvelous!


Klatovy was a huge dissapointment for me regardless of Camelia being awarded only Excellent by judge Nada Klirova who was of the opinion, that Camelia's eyes were too big and the coat not white enough. Other than that her evalation is quite nice. Communication with the show organizers prior to the event was next to impossible, and the information given was the complete opposite to the actual reality. Information stated on the entry form was also incorrect and misleading. I attended the show for the experience as I have never been to Klatovy before, but I will never go there again even if someone paid me. As I had my table directly behind one of the judges desk I could hear most of the conversations and evaluation comments. It became clear to me that awards were based on who one knows and who needs what, similar to Mlada Boleslav. Access to the event is veryd difficult. It is up a steep hill. Although the entry ticked stated that judging will take place in a hall, this was not the case. Only the rings we under shelter in a 36°C heat wave. Participants were complaining about the terrible as well as overpriced refreshments on offer. A bottle of water was more than double the price than enywhere else. There are two restaurants at Klatovy train station - if one can call them restaurants. Both are closed on Sundays and there is nowhere far and wide where one can buy refreshments of any kind. The only vending machine inside the terminal was totaly empty, and there are no refreshments on offer in trains running in this direction. Transport to Klatovy is really not ideal unless you have your own. My advice to anyone going to Klatovy is - go very well prepared with plenty of water, food and a tent or umbrella for some shelter. Better still. don't go at all.

A fabulous club show at Hodonin on Saturday. Very nice organization with a pleasent atmosphere.  Mr. and Mrs. Mleziva put in a lot of effort into the event.  The trip to Hodonin was by far better than travelling to Klatovy and the hotel we stayed in was great with friendly and obliging staff.  Judge Danuše Kotálova awarded Camelia with Excellent 1 and a CAC, so we are very happy about the outcome.


Good show at Kladno this morning. Very good coffee was sold on site. Camelia was awarded Excl.1 and CAC and Judge Alena Kostalova gave her a nice evaluation. I am quite satisfied with her results as usual.


Nice day at mlada Boleslav although travelling was bad.  The food and coffee was terible as usual but there were many stalls this time.  The judge was the most professional judge I have yet encoutered.  Rainer Jacobs awarded Camelia with an excellent 1 and CAC.  Her evaluation was also very good.  Once again I can be proud of my girl.


Great show at Horni Pocernice.  Inconvenient travelling but not too far.  The day was extremely hot and humid.  Food amd coffee was disgusting at the show but otherwise it was a pleasant event.  Judge Antonin Mudra gave Camelia an excellent 1, Class winner as well as Regional Show Winner so I am very satisfied.

Nice event in Vokovice. We had a very nice lady for a judge - Jaroslava Ovesna awarded Camelia with excellent 1, Class winner and Regional winner. Perfect performance from Camelia once more.

This time Camelia was awarded Very Good 1 by judge Bozena Ovesna however, she has a very nice evaluation overall. It is understandable becausee Camelias coat is not in a very good condition right now, but at least we collected some points. Extremely miserable day for an outdoor show with constant rain, grey clouds and cold wind. This being a regional show, I found the judging process unnecessarily drawn out. The coffee was disgusting. Pleasant travelling conditions with good access. Attending this show helped in adding another judge in my elimination book of judges.

Pleasant show in Cesky Budějovice. The weather was lovely and travelling was good. Olga dolejsova is a very sweet judge and awarded Camelia with a Excellent 1. Due to the condition her coat is in at present, I am happy with the result. She did give Camelia a lovely evaluation. Out next show is the Prague International. I am hoping for one more CAC to complete her championship, but I am not too optimistic at this point in time.

Tipical horrible Czech cold weather. The show was quite pleasant and Camelia received a nice evaluation and Excellent 1. I expected worse, but for now I am satisfied with the result. Her judge for the day was Elisabetta De Luca.

Just as cold as yesterday. Judge Stefika Lazic surprised me by awarding Camelia with an Excl. 1 and CAC. In my opinion this is another professional judge that judges by the actual quality of the dog and not just by the colour of bows he happens to be wearing. Great close to 2019.
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