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Although the evil forces are pushing very hard to eliminate everything on this earth, I still remain hopefull that soon we will be able to go back to what we love doing most of all which is meeting at various shows.

At this point in time it seems that the Brno show will be postponed once again, and possibly, the Duo Cacib in Prague planned for April will be cancelled too.  The Government is adament  with regartd to extending the state of emergency.  However, the show grounds in Brno and Prague are completely empty and are not at all used as field hospitals as the fearmongering mass media continues to propagate.
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Eventually, we were able to come out of lockdown for now and the Brno show was good. Tedious trip due to works on railway tracks, but otherwise a great day.  The judge, Robert Kubeš was excellent and did not drag it out unnecessarily.  I am very proud of my young "potentials".  Amazon Jewel received Excl.1, CAJC, BOY, and Arabian Knight was awarded Excl.1 and CAJC.  Looking forward to the club show next week.
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Lubna is not a very good place to travel to usng public transport. We arrived late due to complications and time to prepare the dogs was next to none. Either way, the show was good. Camelia received VG1, Amazon Excl.1, CAJC, BOY, and Arabian Knight Excl.1 and CAJC from Judge Hana Ahrens.
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Extremely tedious travelling, but the actual show was good. Many club members attended and the food was good. Judge Tatana Krömerova awarded Amazon with VG4, which was a little disappointing following her good results previously. Arabian Knight received an excellent evaluation, Excl.1 and CAJC. Both can now be listed as breeding dogs.

The predictions for future shows this year are very bleak. It was obvious that they would open up for while during summer, but already they are starting to push up the numbers, and starting to roll out their virus mutation practices. It is good to know that a lot of people have now come to realize what the real truth behind all this truly is. Unfortunately, the majority refuse to face the truth. My biggest fear about this forthcoming so-called "wave" is, that they will try to use our pets against us, and I sincerely hope, that it never happens. I will not tolerate any harm being done to my kids, and I will not tolerate any harm being done to my pets. I will fight for them like an animal because I respect natural law. I do not respect corporate rules and ridiculous regulations.
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Quite a hectic start to day.  We arrived when the Maltese breed was just finishing, so I only had time to show Amazon, uncombed and unprepared. Our judge Alena Koštalova was very good to allow Arabian Knight to be judged without a title at least. The organizers should take into account that, people without their own transport have to rely on busses and trains which, during this plandemic are running on a reversed time schedule. It is extremely difficult to travel these days, and it is by no means accidental.
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Nice show and I am pleased with my babies, although Arabian Knight was very bad behaved in the ring.  Great judge Alena Koštalova gave them both a very good evaluation, and awarded Amazon with Excl.1, CAC, and Arabian with Excl.1, CAJC and BOJ.
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I left home the day before so that I could be on Saturday's show in time to prepare the dogs, and to complete several training rounds with Arabian to tire him out a little before going into the ring. He misbehaves in the ring if he is too wild. Everything went well. The show was good and the atmosphere was pleasant. Judge Robert Kubeš awarded both dogs with Excl.1 and CAC, and I was happy that I finally decided to participate in this show.
Problems began to arise after the show, when I had to stand in line for two hours in order to have Amazon´ Junior Champion certificate issued. In this case, CMKU´s organization failed completely. They set aside only one person to issue champion certificates. Once this was over, I called a taxi to take me back to my hotel where I was staying. When the taxi arrived, the man told me quite aggressively that he was not transporting animals, stepped on the gas and just let me stand there. By the way, I called the same company I had used in the past, and I had no problems before. The company is AVE TAXI BRNO. After this experience, I tried to call several other taxi phone numbers, but unfortunately they either did not answer, or the number itself was no longer in operation. I had no choice but to walk 2 km back to my hotel. By the way, the La Cristina restaurant makes a really great pizza.
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Brno show day two started out as a nightmare. At breakfast, the receptionist came to tell me that unfortunately, they could not find a taxi for me for the time I had requested. All taxi services were busy and unavailable until 11:00 am. The only option available to me at that point was to take a tram and then walk for quite a distance to the prmisses
I arrived at the show grounds quite late, with little time to prepare both dogs for the ring, and no time to walk Arabian Knight. Knowing that our judge Olga Dolejšová, always had biting remarks about my dogs previously, (either she has a problem with me, or she has a problem with all my dogs, I don´t know), I had a feeling it was not going to turn out good. The result was that Arabian Knight´s performance in the ring was shameful, and he was awarded an Excl.2. Amazon received Excl.2 as well. Apparently, because she is malnourished. Amazon is certainly not malnourished. She is petite from birth. She is a dog that loves to eat and even takes pallets to bed with her, in case she gets hungry during the night. To my mind, this was a pathetic argument from Mrs. Olga Dolejšová.
I was grateful to find someone to drop me off at the train station after the show ended, but the train back home was full. The next train I could take was an hour and a half later and was delayed by half an hour. Resulting from my bad experience with Brno transport, be it taxi, bus, tram or train, I have decided that I will not be attending Brno shows in the future for the time being.
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Everything went pretty well today. There was no need to start out in the early hours of the morning, and access to the show was quick and easy. The sky was overcast, it was a little chilly but fortunately, it did not rain. Had I known that the judge for the Maltese breed was going to be Nada Klirová, I would have not entered my dogs, or I would have cancelĺed altogether. It is a bit complicated with the regional shows, as the organizers only list the judges that will be present, but one does not learn who will be judging which breed until the last few days before the event. I have not had a good experience with this judge before. Anyhow, it was nice to spend some time outside with the dogs and their achievement is as follows: Camelia Excl.1, Amazon and Arabian Knight both VG1. Next week´s show should be quite interesting as all judges listed are quite unknown to me.
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It was such a pleasure to attend a show that requires practically no travelling! I had entered 3 dogs and the judge allocated to us was surprisingly Robert Kubes, for which I was very grateful. Robert Kubeš is not only an honest judge, but he also has a heart. His manner is always friendly and easygoing. Camelia was awarded Excl. 1, class winner and regional show winner. Amazon was awarded Excl. 1 and class winner and Arabian Knight received his Excl. 1, class winner and regional show winner award. I did not stay for the finals this time as the preparation of 3 dogs is a huge, tyring task. I am now looking forward to next week´s club show following which, I will be traveling to Ceske Budejovice for the final show of this season. The controllers are now putting forth their ugly plans for the next lockdown, and it is very unclear as to what next year will bring for us as handlers and breeders.
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As always Mrs. Mlezivova went out of her way to make this a perfect show. The attendance was huge, the food was great and the atmosphere wonderful. The judge Szilvia Gröf, gave Amazon Excl1, CAC, and Arabian Excl. 3.
10.10.2021    LINK TO PHOTOS
As the judge allocated to us in Ceske Budejovice was, once againn Nada Klirová, I decided to leave Arabian Knight at home and just took Amazon. Not expecting anything from this judge, Amazon received Excl.1. She evaluated Amazon as not having a white enough coat and, apparently, she crosses her front legs when she walks. They always have to make smethig up. In a way, I am glad the show season is over and look forward to what next year will bring.
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